Autobiography of a Screen Writer

John Finch’s autobiography is now published by Kaleidoscope Publishing

A ‘must read’ book for anyone aspiring to become a writer, or for anyone wanting to learn how a life time of experiences and hard work contributed to him becoming one of the worlds most watched Television Writers.


Ask your local books shop to get a copy using ISBN-978-1-900203-97-5

john finch autobiography

John’s autobiography is one of Kaleidoscope Publishing’s summer publications launched at the British Film Institute on the Southbank in London.

SIMON HEFFER (Historian and Sunday Telegraph journalist):

“John Finch is one of the towering figures not just of British television, but of British culture, for his ground-breaking and award-winning work over several decades. This book shows the story of his life is as remarkable as any of his creations.”



“I think your book is a wonderful account of an important time and the part you played in its history … I think the book is an important contribution to a particularly rich period in the history of British television. Thank you for giving me the chance to read it before the rest of the world and I hope people will come to understand what an extraordinary journey it was that you made.”


JULIA HALLAM (Professor Emerita, Communications and Media, University of Liverpool):

“One of the foremost television writers of his generation, John Finch is renowned for his creation of ‘telenovels’ (longform single authored dramas) such as A Family at War (1970-72) and Sam (1973-75). High production values, psychological depth of character and sensitivity to realistic historical detail ensured his work was highly popular; some of his dramas can still be found on screens worldwide today.”

Book Launch Event at the British Film Institute London South Bank

Our thanks to Dr Lez Cook for his kind words

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