John still receives letters and comments from around the world – a few:

  • It’s a tour de force and still packs a punch. Little wonder my Grandparents & parents were enthralled
    I was a bit to young when it first aired to really remember just how good this actually is. I’m really enjoying it. My mum (she is really enjoying Talking Pictures now it’s on Freeview) remembers it when it was first on, but like me, is enjoying it as if it is the first time it has been on.
  • I know how things work for you being able to show certain things, but I hope you’ll be able to show other classic tv series in the future from the past. Thank you for showing such a great series.

By Eye Can “sea view” (england) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Sam – Series 1 – Part 1 [1973] [DVD] (DVD)
What a pleasure to view this again after so many years and not be dissapointed.
A piece of timelesss drama covering episodes of northern miners’ family life not overly
romanticised. Portrayed by realistic down to earth acting.
I am amazed this hasn’t had a re-run on mainsteam T.V


John, I think that SAM -which you created – was your superior work. But it is surprising that
BBC 4, BBC 3, ITV 3, ITV 4, YESTERDAY, any of the many many Sky Channels, does not
give a fresh audience a chance to discover works which were historical even when first
Dad’s Army, I Claudius, many other 1970s series still please old viewers and first timers.
Moreover BERGERAC (1980s), THE PROFESSIONALS (1970s), THE SWEENEY (1970s),
THE SAINT (1960s), THE AVENGERS (1960s) still get great audiences for channels/times
of day broadcast.
There must be a strong audience out there in the world for your TV work from the 1970s
By Jonathan Stuart-Brown


5.0 out of 5 stars Flesh & Blood by John Finch, 6 May 2011
By Keira DVD reviews (Australia) – See all my reviews
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This review is from: Flesh And Blood – Part 1 [1980] [DVD] (DVD)
This part one of a two part series is an excellent presentation of political and family life
through the post war years, especially in the 1970s. The conversations, scripted for the best
actors in the UK, give a great vision of the working struggles, past and present, of the era.
Home life and the era are both depicted with a good degree of accuracy and the intelligence
of the characters is portrayed through the scenery, the settings and the actions and
conversation so well scripted by John Finch. His story and scripting skills are exemplary. The
sub titles in Part 1 are very good and correct. Although there is a major error in Part 2 in that
the subtitles list a voice on an audio tape as Sarah’s when it is really Ruth’s voice. However,
the character who is listening obviously recognises the voices in each tape recording and
thus the story line is correctly understood. However, it makes the sub titles in part 2 a poor
job.Flesh And Blood – Part 1 [1980] [DVD].


LinkedIn Recommendations
Colin Richard Pocock has recommended your work as writer/editor/producer at Self –
Details of the Recommendation: “It doesn´t need me to say it, but John has been one of the
most gifted writers and producers for television drama of the 20th Century, and his history is
proof of that……..” Coronation street”, “Family at war”, “Sam”, “This year next year” all are
just samples of his excellence. It has been my privilege to have worked with him.”


A superb social document,
Author: Glenn Goodman from Birmingham, England
I have just watched all 3 series on DVD and cannot recommend it highly enough. First and
foremost the writing is awe inspiring, coupled with each and every actor at the top of his/her
form will leave the viewer with much food for thought. I am 52 years of age and naturally
have no first hand adult knowledge of the times (1930’s – 1960’s) or the geography &
industry of the setting, but if you have any interest at all in social history this is an absolute
must. I genuinely did not want to reach the final episodes, I feel I’ve lost something without
an episode to look forward to…It will not be too long before I watch all 3 series back to back
again, so deep does the writer delve into each character over so many episodes one cannot
fail to totally immersed into the lives of such brilliant portrayals…Please take time out to
watch Sam if you ever have the opportunity, I assure you you will be glad you did.


Paul Barlow
Comment: Just want you to know got 2 episodes left to watch of A Family at War. Watched it
a few times on dvd as well as when it was on tv in the 70 s. What a fantastic series it is. The
best ever drama in my view. Have Sam and The Spoils of War too. Both immense too.
Thank you.


I have left comments before. We are re watching the series Sam at present. I just feel so lucky I was around when it was made. The series and the acting is fantastic. The dialogue as in A Family at War is so intensely engrossing. I will never tire of seeing these drama series. A huge thank you from Paul Barlow.


CORAL ATKINS – I was saddened to learn the news today that Coral Atkins has died. Another link to my childhood lost. Along with “SAM”, “A FAMILY AT WAR” played a very important part in my childhood. Both are series that I now own on DVD. I will always remember Coral Atkins and her remarkable performance as ‘Shelia Ashton’ and Coral’s subsequent work running a children’s home. Coral always struck me as a fantastic person. R.I.P. Coral.


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