Granada Television ‘The First Generation’

Learn how Granada Television developed to be at the forefront of Television Drama – respected around the world – due to the talent and energy of a small group of people – Granada Televisions First Generation.

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granada television writing team
Members of Coronation Streets original writing team, including John Finch on the right

Granada Television – the first generation is a rich and readable collection of memoirs, some short, some extensive, of those who worked at Granada during the first thirty years of its existence. It captures a climate of creative activity unique in the history of broadcasting, referred to now as the Golden Years of British television.

Lords Birt and Macdonald, Sir Denis Forman, Michael Parkinson, Michael Apted, Stan Barstow, Nick Elliott, Victoria Wood, Kenith Trodd, Jack Rosenthal, Anna Ford, Chris Kelly and Alan Plater are just a few of the many well known contributors who were responsible for creating the foundations on which Granada’s considerable worldwide reputation was based.

Programmes such as World in Action, Brideshead Revisited, A Family at War, Coronation Street, What the Papers Say and many more described in this book were pioneers in their respective fields.

With a fine contextualising introduction, the book is a vital resource for all those interested in the intensive early development of the medium, and how this relates to television as it is today.


John Finch was a writer, producer and editor at Granada for over twenty years. Michael Cox was an Executive Drama Producer at Granada TV. Marjorie Giles was a Producer at Granada TV throughout most of these thirty years

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