writing coronation street

A friend suggested I should type in my name on my Internet search engine. I did, hardly believing it would produce anything.   The first item it produced related to a John Finch who was a highly thought of London clockmaker in 1765, which might remotely connect, I thought, to my obsession with punctuality.

The second declared that I was represented by an agent I had acrimoniously ditched months before.  I was a little concerned in the unlikely event that anyone should ring them in search of my few talents.  The response would hardly be enthusiastic. A dismissive “No longer with us,” might be the least harmful of these.

A reference which, followed forward, listed me as one of the ten top television writers ever to have served on Coronation Street sounded suspiciously like a demotion, though I was described as one of the most influential of the early producers.  I was, in honest fact, probably the worst.

The one that impressed me most gave the background to a Saint John Finch who resided in the area of Lancashire from which my father originated. Excited by the possibility of status- elevating ancestral connections I read on, only to discover that he was hanged at Lancaster in 1649.

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