February 13

New Edition of ‘Shaft of Light’ available – with a new cover

shaft of light by john finch

Shaft of Light by John Finch 

A new edition is now available complete with a new cover

In his 90’s John has just published his first Ebook – ‘A Shaft of Light’
A Shaft of light is a new e-publication of Johns novel ‘Cuddon Return’ re-pubished as ‘Shaft of Light’ – published by Corazon Books and is available via Amazon.

Johns autobiography is expected to be published in 2018 – covering the years 1925 to the present day, including UK Drama production at the height of its international status.

Available on Amazon as a KINDLE download or in PRINT Here>>

shaft of light


Hello, John.


It is absolutely wonderful, one of the finest novels I have ever read. The book is insightful, sensitive, heartbreaking, sexy, innocent, funny, and (most of all) intensely human. The characters come to life, and I care deeply about what happens to Denis, Ted, Jessie, Jean, Tim, and their families — even such peripheral figures as Miss Maddy, Andrew, and Chippy. I was swept along by your intriguing story and could not put the book down. In my opinion, this is a novel of the very first rank.

Best wishes, John, and congratulations on a marvellous piece of literature!



Back Cover:

From the acclaimed creator and writer of the classic television family sagas A Family at War and Sam. Previously published as Cuddon Return.

The poignant story of four young people as they emerge into the glaring shaft of light presented by the onset of the Second World War. In a Yorkshire mining village of the 1930’s Depression, families struggle to survive the harsh deprivations of working class life, and to keep hope, spirit and dignity alive.

Shopkeeper’s son Denis questions what the future may hold for him. The advent of war shows him the possibilities of a life far from all he knows. But his best friend, Ted, from the poorest part of the village, dreams only of becoming a man and starting to work down the pit, like his father before him. Both boys are drawn to Jean, a bold young woman who already has a “reputation” among the villagers. Meanwhile, Jessie, Ted’s sister, lives her life through books, and gains a scholarship to High School. Will that be enough to escape a life of drudgery?

The four youngsters must deal with the challenges and responsibilities of growing up, as they experience death, love, desire and their consequences. As their lives change forever, the seeds are sown for the conflicts that their generation will face once peace finally comes.

John Finch
John Finch was creator and writer of many classic television series transmitted in the UK and internationally, including A Family At War, Sam, This Year Next Year, The Spoils of War and Flesh and Blood, and many others, with audiences exceeding 25 million. He was the first trainee writer on Coronation Street, starting with episode 24, and later became editor and producer. He also wrote and adapted many plays for ITV and the BBC, and was a drama consultant in the UK and abroad. He edited the Granada Television history, The First Generation.

December 12

John Finch writer – Autobiography | Publisher being sought

john finch writer

John’s autobiography is going through final edits and now needs a good reliable publisher.

You can read more about his autobiography here>>GO 

You can read John’s credits here>>GO

John Finch was born in Liverpool in the years of the depression. At the outbreak of war, basically uneducated, he did various jobs but finally joined the Merchant Navy at the age of sixteen and sailed from Liverpool in 1941.

His first post war job was as a trainee librarian at a miner’s welfare library, but having a long time ambition to be a writer he soon left to live in London, firstly as secretary and general amanuensis to Jacob Epstein, the sculptor when he lived opposite the London home of Winston Churchill, meeting figures such as Churchill and Gandhi.  He stayed in London to write for various magazines such as Illustrated and Picture Post with occasional contributions to the BBC.

In 1960 he became the first freelance writer to be contracted to write “Coronation Street”, and later became editor and producer. He went on to become Granada’s most prolific writer and created , wrote and edited many of the companies longest running serials and series including “A Family at War” and “Sam”

john finch writer