June 13

SAM remembered

SAM television series

Very grateful for this recent post on social media 

SAM television series

and a comment from a talk group:

Well, it’s rather like watching a DH Lawrence novel come alive. Sons and Lovers and all that.

I don’t want to be read as making light of anything because I believe Mr. Finch wrote it in a crucible of personal pain and knowledge, and that accounts for the series’ accuracy and detail. And, for what it’s worth, I appreciate the absence of music (although John McCabe’s piping trumpet and flute theme does stay in the head), not turning “real life” into a literal melodrama.
One stunning aspect is that several of the lead actors died before old age: Alethea Charlton, James Hazeldine, Mark McManus, Ray Smith, John Price (among those I’ve so far seen).
It’s been a truism for well over 50 years: the very best American television is…British!
Please take us back…we honestly don’t know how to behave ourselves!


sam the television series

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