March 26

Some new comments

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There have been some very nice comments added to this article on ‘Forgotten Television Drama’

Sam (Granada, 1973-5)

It’s a real pleasure to find there are other fans of this superb series out there! I’m not exaggerating when I say I have watched the series at least 10 times since I first bought it. I never tire of watching it. In fact, the more I watch it the more I pick up on subtle connections in the writing and plot.
The characters are absolutely compelling and the acting as others have mentioned is bang on.
John Price as Alan Dakin and Michael Goodliffe as Jack are particularly impressive to me.
It’s a real shame the series has not reached a wider audience – although what todays TV viewers would make of it I wouldn’t like to say.
As one representation of a bygone era it is wonderful to immerse in.
If Mr Finch ever reads this I would like to say thank you for a monumental piece of writing.

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  1. By Scott Filderman on

    John Finch has always been true to life as he found it and true to himself as he was shaped by life. All his themes—the problems of human relations, politics, and economics—will never go away, nor will his understanding treatment of them. Broadcast culture is all the richer for his contributions.

    1. By John Finch on

      Dear Scott, What a kind comment on an old hack now in his nineties and wondering if it was all worthwhile. Kind perception like this answers the doubts and uncertainties. My autobiography is out this year and from what you say I think you’ll enjoy it, though I’ve had to bite my tongue from time to time. I’ll make a note to let you know when its available. I think it might survive Brexit. Many thanks, and for previous comments of yours I remember reading.


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